K9 Mushing 101/102 Classes


Each year our club puts together classes where you can learn how fun and easy it is to run dogs.


K9 Mushing 101 is K9SNW's introduction to Urban Mushing. Come sit in a class room setting where instructors will teach you all about the sport. Learn about the dogs, the gear, the methods, best practices, and risks involved. Hands on with the gear and tow vehicles in the parking lot after class. Everything from scooters, skateboards, bikes, carts, and dog sleds. Humans only at this class.

K9 Mushing 102 - Here you will practice out on the trail with your dog what you learned in the K9 Mushing 101 class along side seasoned runners. Maximum of 2 dogs allowed per tow vehicle.

If you do not have all your gear yet, no problem. We have lots of gear to make sure your 102 portion is a success.


**Please let us know a week prior to class if you need any gear to borrow.**

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