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K9SNW Race Series

Join in the Competition. Join in the Fun. Join K9ScootersNW

How It Works:

K9SNW Members: Compete in the KRS and become Class Champion.  Earn points in your class at each race based on Placement and Distance Raced.  You may race in more than one class.  Three or more starting teams in a class are required for points to be awarded.  At the end of Race 6, Championship Trophies will be awarded for the highest accumulated points in each class. 2nd and 3rd Place will also receive awards.

KRSNW Race Series
  • 3 Dog Bike

  • 3 Dog Scooter

  • 2 Dog Bike

  • 2 Dog Scooter

  • 1 Dog Bike

  • 1 Dog Scooter

  • 1 Dog Canicross

  • Novice (1 or 2 Dog, Scooter or Bikejor or 1 Dog Canicross)

Race Requirements:

  • Mandatory driver's meeting: Saturday and Sunday 8:30am at the start chute

  • Races to begin approximately 9:00 am

  • Single starts, 1 minute intervals

  • Temperature cancellation or postponement at 60 degrees.

Camping Information:
  • Musher campsites are RV compatible and have 120 v A/C power & water at most sites

  • Sani-cans/Pit toilets are available at the Mushers Camp

  • Camping Fees: Will be collected

Alcohol Policy:

K9ScooterNW appreciates the use of the Camp K facilities and will implement an alcohol policy. Disregard of this policy will result in a warning. If you continue to ignore our request, then you will be asked to leave. The use of alcohol needs to be discreet. The drink (wine/beer/liquor) needs to be in a container that could hold any non-alcoholic beverage. There can be no carrying of wine/beer/liquor bottles to and from the campfire or to other vehicles. You may not have visible alcohol containers sitting outside your vehicle/camp. You will be required to take all drink containers home with you. We can never see the cans and bottles littering the grounds at any time. Excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated.

For more info on our Races:
Not a member? No Problem!

We will apply $10 of entry fee of Race #1 towards membership dues.

What to expect during a race.
Can't get enough racing?

For more info on Races, Lodging, Etc.  See some of our hosting clubs Websites and/or Facebook pages.

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