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Trail Dog Titling

The purpose of the trail dog titling program is to build a confident and skilled small dog team. The team that achieves the various titles will be safer and more confident on any trail.  To earn a trail dog title you must complete the mileage requirement, and pass the field test for that level. Teams are composed of one human and one dog. Any non motorized wheeled vehicle can be used, with a special category for cani-cross.


  • Mileage:  50 Miles Total (There is no time limit to achieve this. Mileage log is on the honor system. You can take the test without having completed the 50 miles.)

  • Drivers Meeting

  • Harness dog

  • Bootie dog

  • Hook up, show control of dog

  • Command turns: gee, haw

  • On by a distraction

  • a. dog on leash 

  • b. show trail ettiquette 

  • c. other

  • Same direction passing

  • Wait


  • Mileage:  100 Miles Total - Use the 50 miles from the Novice title plus add 50 new miles for Advanced. (There is no time limit to achieve your mileage.  Mileage log is on the honor system.  Send in your log when you apply to take the test if you wish to receive both the mileage and Advanced rockers.)

  • Drivers Meeting

  • Line out at start.  Hold position long enough to get set up to go.

  • Walking, under control with scooter or bike similar to the distance of crossing the street

  • Nails trimmed

  • Head on passing

  • Obstacle passing

  • Cross field with no trail

  • Show control under condtions determined by the judge.


  • Mileage:  200 Miles Total - 100 miles from the Advanced title plus 100 new miles for Champion (There is no time limit to achieve this.  Mileage log is on the honor system.  Send in your log when you apply to take the test.)

  • Drivers Meeting

  • Gee and haw over

  • gee and haw in open field

  • steeple chase

  • head on and same direction passing at the same time


Keep a mileage log with the following information: date, weather/temperature, name of trail, vehicle, daily miles, cumulative miles. You can add additional information to make the log more interesting and useful to you. Some additional categories are comments/notes, start/stop times, which dogs ran, speeds, number of rest stops, etc.

You can win mileage rockers with just the mileage log. To get the patch that anchors the rocker, you will need to pass the Novice Title Test.

Equipment check for all levels

Judges will inspect your equipment and gear. Your scooter, sulky, or cart must be safe: brakes in good order; tires inflated properly; handlebars tight. Harness must fit and be reasonably clean. Tugline must not be too worn.

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