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Wikipedia's Definition:

Canicross is the sport of cross country running with dogs. Originating in Europe as off-season training for the mushing (sledding) community, it has become popular as a stand-alone sport all over Europe, especially in the UK. Canicross is closely related to Bikejoring, where participants cycle with their dog and skijoring, where participants ski rather than run.

Canicross can be run with one or two dogs, always attached to the runner. The runner typically wears a waist belt, the dog a harness, and the two are joined by a bungee cord or elastic line that reduces shock to both human and dog when the dog pulls.

Originally canicross dogs were of sledding or spitz types such as the husky or malamute but now all breeds have begun taking part including cross breeds, small terrier breeds to large breeds such as rottweilers and standard poodles. Not only can all breeds run but people of all ages and abilities can take part. Including children and the disabled such as the visually impaired. Some breeds are very well suited to not only running and pulling but running at steady pace over a long distance. Cani-cross is now not only a great way for the runner to keep fit, but great for the dogs too. It encourages people and their dogs to take part in outdoor activity and meet other like minded individuals.

Equipment Needed: Belt (connects tow line to you) Properly Fitted Harness('s) for Dog('s) Tow Line (6'-8' from post) Sturdy Shoes Long Pants Backpack (to carry below items)    Poop bags    Water    Water bowl    Booties    Leash    Multi tool or knife    Basic first aid kit for human/dog

Optional Equipment/items: Neckline (if running more than 1 dog) gloves


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