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Olympia Woodland Trail


2.5 Miles (Eastside Trailhead to Chehalis Western Trail)


1600 Eastside Street SE

Park History:

In 1990, Jim and Carol Rainwood envisioned the idea of converting an abandoned rail line into a paved trail connecting east and west Olympia and to link Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Thurston County. Jim and Carol also pioneered the formation of the Woodland Trail Greenway Association, formerly the East West Greenway Association, to assist the City of Olympia in fulfilling this vision. A Feasibility Study was completed in 1998, the Master Plan was completed in 1999, and land acquisition was completed in 2003. The first section of the trail opened for public use on August 7, 2007. The trail now extends from the main trailhead at the intersection of Eastside Street and Wheeler Avenue to the Chehalis Western Trail, 2.5 miles away.

Park Features:

    10 Foot Wide Multi-Use Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail, ADA Accessible     4 Foot Wide Crushed-Rock Trail     Picnic Shelter/Restroom     Benches     Over 12,000 Native Tree and Shrub Plantings

The main trailhead is at the intersection of Eastside Street and Wheeler Avenue. It has a parking lot, shelter/restroom and information about the trail system. Trailhead improvements are designed with sustainable design and green architecture features. The shelter/restroom has a living roof covered with plants. Interior spaces are lighted by solar tubes. The parking lot is porous pavement. A rain garden filters stormwater.

Pedestrian and bicycle only trailheads are at Frederick Street, Boulevard Road and Dayton Avenue.

Sustainable Design Features

Park Accessibility:

The Olympia Woodland Trail is fully accessible.  The asphalt trail maintains a gentle slope of 3% or less.  Signage encourages bicyclists to ride on the right and announce when passing on the left.

**Trail description provided by the City of Olympia website**


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