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Olympic Discovery Trail

The route of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) traverses approximately 130 miles of lowlands, bordered on the south by the Olympic Mountain Range and on the north by the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It starts in the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend and spans approximately 130 miles east to west, ending on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The trail is a wide, paved pathway designed to multi user standards for bicyclists, hikers, and disabled users, with a 4’ shoulder for equestrians where appropriate.

Construction started in the 90’s. Completed sections will total 53 miles by 2012, with right of way agreements in place for over 65 miles. This website shows the entire route, with temporary on-road routes, approximating the final route, shown connecting the completed portions. Planning information is provided for the resulting 126.2 mile trail.

The Olympic Peninsula is Washington State’s premier destination for non-motorized touring, filled with views of snow capped peaks, ocean vistas, fast flowing rivers and pristine lakes, and everywhere the majestic forests of the Pacific Northwest. The presently completed trail winds through fields and farms, parks and towns; over creeks, rivers and ravines on restored railroad trestles; and past beaches and national recreation areas.

The trail exhibits a wide diversity of fauna and flora -- an unmatched range of natural beauty. This website has been designed to support trip planning. In addition to the Map section with many downloadable PDF maps, note the Trip Planning Section which covers things like Suggested Itineraries, Bike Shops, Campground Locations, Equestrian Information, Disabled Information, Local Transportation, Trail Status, etc.

In many ways the ODT is a major highway for non-motorized travelers, spanning the entire peninsula. We have included a Side Trips Section, providing information and maps for towns along the trail and for natural attractions along the way that can be easily reached from ODT on side roads or trails.

We hope this website provides the information you need to utilize the trail with confidence. However if you have questions or need assistance with planning, please contact us, either with the contact button at the bottom of each page, or on the User Forum in the User Services Section.

**Trail description and Map copied from the Olympic Discovery Trail website**


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